Lake Seminole Association Logo

The mission of the Lake Seminole Association is to provide a meaningful and influential organization composed of interested (Alabama, Florida or Georgia) individuals, businesses and other entities having a common interest in the protection and general welfare of Lake Seminole.

Such interest includes (but is not limited to):
    (1) historical preservation
    (2) adherence to the original and amended purpose (navigation, hydro-power, and   recreation) of the dam and creation of the lake
    (3) Federal and State regulations which apply to and oversee operation of the dam and lake
    (4) public safety on and around the lake
    (5) enhanced quality navigation
    (6) environmental concerns
    (7) promotion of tourism and related recreation activities
    (8) enhancement of economic opportunities related thereto.

The Association provides its members with an ongoing program designed to:
    (a) inform and involve members in lake-related matters
    (b) cooperate with and maintain ongoing liaison with the entities that regulate the dam, lake and rivers
    (c) assist in the dissemination of lake-related information to members and the general public.